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Decamped Hipster Says Williamsburg is Embarassed

It seems like nowadays the CurbedWire is the catch-all for good reader rants, but sometimes?like, say, a Friday?you gotta let some of them stand on their own, especially when it comes to Ye Olde Williamsburg and the topic that's been on all of our minds lately: Who the fuck is Toll Brothers marketing to? Seriously: What. The. Fuck. Ruthlessly mocked here, there and everywhere, they persist with their smug assumption that everyone who will be moving to Williamsburg is a total wine-and-cheese-swilling douchebag, and everyone who is there now is 8 years old. But enough about our take; enjoy the thoughts of a genuine, bonafied, ex-'Burgian:

How can anyone that lives in the NYC metro area take these websites seriously? Who the hell did Toll Brothers hire to do their marketing? I mean, you would think that one of the country's largest developers would have a better handle on the markets that they build in. It seems that they are gearing towards people who are moving from different areas of the country and people who are just completely oblivious to the outer boroughs.

won't even go

to Williamsburg to sell the damn things.
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