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CurbedWire: New Details Emerge From the Fryer

It's CurbedWire, Curbed's end-of-day roundup of rumors, innuendo, and occasional half-truths sent along by readers just like you. (Yes, you!) Want to get in on the fun? Ready for the secret handshake? It's

1) Gramercy: We thought we had the lowdown on the Saya, but there is so much more. A tipster filled in the gaps: "As you guys have reported, The Saya is going to replace the McDonalds on East 23rd Street. You have also reported that it will be a two condo building with the entrance on East 22nd Street. I am hearing from a big broker in the area that the second building is the building with Bolo restaurant on the ground floor on 23 East 22nd street. Bolo's lease is apparently not up for another year. I was also told that occupancy would not happen until the end of 2008 'due to unanticipated delays.' Marketing was originally due to start January 2007. I'm not sure if that has changed." We are Lovin It! [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Tribeca: A tipster updates us on another Curbed fave, emailing this little gem: "It looks like the ball is finally rolling on the 1 York Street project. Being able to look into this once dilapidated building from York Street is pretty amazing. While I hate the idea of my precious neighborhood being littered with fancy condos, you have to give it to a building that is rumored to be housing its own architect, a Community Facility (Chinese American Planning Council?) and indoor parking spaces. Who knows? Maybe Enrique Norten and I will shoot the shit on the park that just opened up across the street. Onward, 1 York!" To glory! [CurbedWire Inbox]