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Dueling Cranes in Long Island City

Behold the land of the dueling construction cranes known as Long Island City, as seen from the Toll Brothers' 5th Street Lofts. That project, aka, 5SL, has launched a website that's only taking sign-ups for info right now. The 118-unit condo development is billed as having "waterfront views," with studios starting from $350K. But if you look closely at the photo, it looks as if the only thing the building will have a view of is the new Avalon Riverview North building (the crane on the left) and the Rockrose Development East Coast Long Island City building (the crane on the right). Unless, of course, the people in the apartments on the 5th Street side--the only open view to the East River that will be left, stick their heads out the window. No crane over the Toll Brothers property yet, either, thank God. A couple more photos of the LIC construction goodness after the jump.
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This is the view sort of down the middle of Queens West, with the completed Riverview rental building near the East River.

The is the new Avalon building, which is going up at lightening speed.