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Inside the NYC Gooooogleplex

There's a fine line between preschool and running a $125 billion company, so our hearty congratulations to the kids at Google for walking it so adeptly. A little less than a year ago, we took a peek at Google's 311,000 square feet of undeveloped office space in Chelsea; now, they've moved in.

The Post has rent estimates at over $10 million per year. The new digs include the expected snack bars, playrooms (above) and scooters to navigate the endless byways. But what of the company's legendary cafeterias, where everything is available to employees gratis? Publish reports, "The brand new Google cafe will open in November on the 8th floor. The cafe will have seating capacity for 200 inside and 100 outside -- on the terrace! If you're worried about the Googlers going sans lunch prior to November, don't be. The new office will be catered by Restaurant Associates until the cafe opens." Order Up!
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