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Broker Du Jour: Nest Seekers' Lindsay Wilson

We've been mildly obsessed with Lindsay Wilson ever since a reader pointed us to her bizarre Misshapes-esque photo in her profile on the Nest Seekers' website. Granted, that was only about a half-hour ago, but she really stuck. Maybe it's the fact that she was on the "Japanese news" as a "DUMBO expert," or maybe it's because of the line, "If you see her driving her sky blue Mini Cooper, give her a wave. And for the real estate ride of your life, jump in!" Maybe it's the repetition of the catchphrase "DUMBO is smart!" Maybe it's because she just directed a production of Godspell.

Actually, none of those are the real reason. We love her because she claims to hold the keys to the cheapest one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments in all of Dumbo. Check 'em out: THE CHEAPEST CONDO IN DUMBO!, least expensive 2br in dumbo!, CHEAPEST 3BR IN DUMBO!. It gets a little confusing when you hit alternate claims like PRICE DROP! cheapest 2br in DUMBO! THE NEXUS!, but Agent 443?you're alright by us.
· Lindsay Wilson [Nest Seekers]