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CurbedWire: Shutting Down the Subway Inn?

The end of the week's beginning, once again, leads us to CurbedWire. Got gossip, intel, or random free-association about your neighborhood? Hit up the wire at

1) Upper East Side: Is the Subway Inn doomed? A special Curbed correspondent tells us that the building that houses the Inn, 143 East 60th, has been sold to a developer for $6.3 million. The Subway has been in business for 60 years, but with the sale seemingly a done deal, our tipster wonders, "Can its days be numbered?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Lower East Side: An update from the Hipster War Front as the redevelopment of the YU Laundromat on Ludlow Street presses forward: "Apparently in the next 2-4 months the owners of 136 Ludlow (currently an affordable laundromat) will tear down the building and rebuild a much larger apartment building. Lets hope they don't receive permission for an Upper Lower East Side Blue #2, or (gasp) a Thor 'Round the Corner. Please, will someone stop destroying my neighborhood!" [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) Lower East Side: More from the LES, with sister site Eater reporting that the lease for Ronald's Pizza on Orchard is up for sale for a cool $435K. The lucky buyer scores more than a Hipster Pizza Shop: "Also included as a part of the lease is a large loft apartment upstairs. It is beautiful, roomy and recently renovated. There is a currently a tenant occupying the loft and would be paying you a monthly rent." [Eater]