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Revealed: Chelsea Seminary's New Tower Plans

Remember all the uproar this past spring about the General Theological Seminary's plan to build a 17-story mixed-use building on Ninth Avenue in Chelsea? Brace yourself—it's back in the news. Above, a view of the new plan presented last week by architects Polshek Partnership. In this version, the tower has lost some weight (and two stories), while stepping back further from the street. According to a report in Chelsea Now, the changes seem to have placated some local residents. Go figure.

But our favorite part of this saga is the new website Save the Seminary, which Curbed was alerted to over the weekend. The work of preservationists? Nay, friends—it's a website created by the Seminary to promote its development plan. Genius marketing, no?

(Oh, by the by, the second part of the Seminary plan, a five-story building by Beyer Blinder Belle on West 20th Street, is seen in its rendered glory after the jump.)

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