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Curbed PriceChopper: Stone Philips' UWS Pad

Here's an attractive little joint on the good old Upper West Side with an august history—and a significant PriceChop. We've talked about Stone Philips' wacky real estate dealings extensively in the last year, but our tipster summarizes nicely: "Stone Phillips' triplex at 12 West 72nd went on the market about a year ago at $5.2 million. It was reported sold in August at $4.45 million. It is now back on the market at $4.195 million. Apparently the deal fell though."

Interesting floorplan—three floors, rather tightly proportioned. If you squint, you can almost make out Stone's chiseled jaw. And grimace.
· Listing: 12 West 72nd Street [Corcoran]