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It Happened One Weekend: New Markets and Political Scandal

1) In East New York, a new city housing development has brought hope of a supermarket for the area. Currently served by a small bodega, the residents are excited by the possibility of having a new market in the neighborhood. One resident explains the area's dilemma thusly: “The choices that you have in terms of fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, are nearly nil.” The lot, pictured above, is currently filled with construction equipment. [Jake Mooney/Street Level]

2) Frank Farricker, a Democratic candidate for Connecticut State Senate, has run on a platform promoting affordable housing. He is now being accused of forcing Brooklyn residents from their affordable apartments in order to renovate them and charge higher rents. Mr. Farricker's company paid $7.9 million for five brownstones in Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights; gut renovations will leave the facades intact but will allow the candidate to toss the tenants out on their asses as their leases expire. [Josh Barbanel/The Big Deal]

3) A 41-year-old professor returns to his native New York and discovers the amenities he sought (doorman, on-site laundry and gym), just weren't as important as location and view. He settled on a ground-floor 1BR in Hudson Heights for $1450 (not including the 15% broker's fee) with a panoramic view that stretches all the way to Queens. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]

4) Living above big-box retail stores is becoming an ever-present reality throughout New York City, as developers begin to combine large retailers beneath apartment towers in order to improve their bottom lines. Developer Jason Muss explains, "As urban land becomes more valuable you are going to find more developers like us trying to build properties that meld residential and retail use, which used to be kept separate.” Developers are walking a slippery slope. Often, potential residents are wary of living above stores like Best Buy or Kohl's. Don't tell the buyers at 15 Central Park West, mmkay? [Sana Siwolop/Posting]