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Celebrity Real Estate Wrap: Sebelia Slumming in Soho

1) Inked-up Project Runway winner Jeffrey Sebelia is moving to New York like OHMYGAH! His girlfriend has been subletting her Soho apartment for the better part of 10 years to live in L.A., but now the couple is booting the subletter and heading east. Says Sebelia: "It’s, like, this $700 apartment. I don’t even remember what street it’s on." [Intelligencer]

2) We're not sure if George Soros hates his ex-wife Susan, but if our ex made us pay her $24 million for the duplex co-op we shared during our 20 years of marriage, we'd be pretty pissed. [Braden Keil/Gimme Shelter]

3) Another week, another high-profile 15 Central Park West buy. This time it's a Google guy, but we don't know which one. Either Larry Page or Sergey Brin plunked down nearly $30 million for a 5,500-square-foot, five-bedroom apartment in the building that will one day house other rich folk like Daniel Loeb, Sting and Denzel Washington. Maybe Larry and Sergey will bunk up and share the place. At least it's not a bad commute. [Intelligencer]