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When Advertecture Attacks 2: Condos in the Crosshairs

Folks, it wasn't just garish advertecture that was damaged during the weekend's rain and wind. Nope, luxury condos (yes?luxury condos) were also affected. As you can see from the above, the Rivington Street sales office for 154 Attorney had a little awning mishap, perhaps in an effort to remind us that this buildings still exists. Hopefully no THOR guests were harmed. And from Park Slope, this reader report:

The scaffolding and advertising at Richard Meier’s On Prospect Park also collapsed on Saturday morning – sometime before 7:30 am. It didn’t literally fall on Prospect Park but it fell in that direction. It didn’t appear to fall on any cars or pedestrian as the construction company has managed to take over all available parking places anywhere near the property. They had a backhoe there by 8:30 am mopping up the Modern Classic Mess.In case you needed any more proof, there it is: God hates Gaggenau appliances.
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