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CurbedWire: The Neighborhood That Ate Brooklyn

1) Williamsburg: A neighborhood tipster files this development report: "The first of several loft buildings has opened up around the Myrtle-Wyckoff stop in Ridgewood (Gates & St Nicholas), and now the neighborhood has a sudden hipster flood concentrated on that one corner. There's another (gigantic) loft building going up south of the station. Combine that stuff with the new 'slashed next Williamsburg' status in New York Magazine, which claims that the neighborhood is 'already' full of hipsters (?), and it looks like yours truly, and thousands of crappy bodegas that close at 4 PM, are on the way out." [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) BubbleWatch: A reader writes, "I saw a Arris Lofts commerical on Fox News. I see subway ads for 110 Livingston and Echelon condo developments. 55 Berry Street is having a fire sale. The boom is dead. Remember when they sold out without advertising?" [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) Chelsea: Remember that upside down window in the Frank Gehry-designed IAC building? It's got a buddy. A tipster reports, "There are actually TWO windows upside down on the IAC building in Chelsea. One I could see as an amusing architectural joke, two just seems weird." [CurbedWire Inbox]