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Brooklyn Waterfront Still Has (Trans)Gas

If you thought that proposed power TransGas Energy power plant on the Williamsburg waterfront was dead, think again. The 1100 megawatt giant is still alive enough to merit another protest. (Last time we heard about it, TransGas was offering offering $1 billion for the West Side rail yards, if it could build the plant.) This, from the website:

While our campaign has put TGE on the ropes, the lengthy legal battle against the power plant siting is not over. The final result depends on the Governor's appointed Siting Board....The Greenpoint Williamsburg Waterfront Task Force (GWWTF) maintains its strong opposition to this power plant siting despite TGE's recent attempts to lure the community with unenforceable affordable housing offers and tall tales about better community air quality.We're going to guess that with North8, Northside Piers and The Edge going up just to the south, not to mention parks, that burial of Ye Olde Power Plant is a formality.
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