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New Williamsburg Development Site: All of Keap Street

Over the last few months, more and more buildings have been coming down and more construction fencing has been going up on and around Keap Street, which is on the east side of the BQE in Williamsburg. Last month, we noted that properties on Ainslie and Union Avenue had been bought for $6.4 million. A tipster emails to fill in a few more blanks:

The loft building at 475 Keap owned by the Chitrit family from Englewood, NJ is being rehabbed. Also, there is a site at 462 Keap St being prepped for development. Not sure who the developer is. 471 Keap St is being converted into lofts by Treetop Development of NYC, and the buildings at the corner of Keap & Ainslie is being developed by the Sun Sun Group...a lot of development on a much needed block with a great location.You can add to that a development at Keap and Hope, a site at Keap and Grand, etc. Not quite the entire neighborhood, but a significant part of it.
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