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How to Spend $2m #1: Report from Miraval Living

We've received several reader reports this week about apartments for sale in the $2 million range. So this afternoon on Curbed, let's take a look at what various buyers are getting for the price, shall we? Your listings or thoughts to, please.

Recent Development du Jour Miraval Living, the new spa/luxe/development/thing at 515 East 72nd Street, has one of the more frustrating new development websites we've yet seen. Clicking on "residences" (Flash interface, natch) offers views of the kitchen (right), bathroom, and balcony views, but none of the living or sleeping areas. Nor are there floorplans or offering prices. Comes a tipster, then, to fill in some blanks:

I went and saw the place. Very interesting to see if it's embraced or not. The apartment finishes were nice and there is a lot of flexibility in making bigger apartments. I am seriously considering 2 different apartements that are $2.5 and $3 mill. I am an amenity kinda guy, and dont mind living this far east (I live in oxford now). I am concerned how to value the apartments. At $1300 a foot they are not cheap and MT/CC are very high at arround $4K for 2300 feet without spa fee. However when people are paying $1k a foot to live in dumbo and $1300 on the far west side I cant say its overpriced. Another note: as a shopper for a $2m-$3m apt, there isn't all that much stuff available despite the conventional wisdom -- unless you want to live in Trump city or arround Madison park. The joke is gonna be that the correction may well be over.

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