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CurbedWire: Church Needs Help From Upstairs

1) Upper West Side: Broker blog TrueGotham reports that the days for the West Park Presbyterian Church may be numbered:

The story that I have heard, from a reliable source, is that the church is having financial troubles and is in need of extensive maintenance. My source says the church may close, and sell to a developer. The developer, in turn, will reportedly propose a 32-story condo, and may or may not incorporate the existing church into structure.WiredNY picks up the chatter and even has a few renderings, one by Related and one paid for by Friends of West-Park, which hope to keep the traditional design. Can you discern which is which? [TrueGotham] 2) Celebrity Real Estate BONUS! We hope the brokers got paid their fees on Jim Carrey and Cameron Diaz's high-priced rentals, because it looks like they won't be needing them anymore. A tipster emails, "Their project fell through." [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) Gramercy Park: OnNYTurf reports, "A group wishing to hold a rally in Union Square tomorrow just had its permit changed at the last minute, ordering the organizers to end at 6pm. Why? Because...'residents in Gramercy Park complain about noise when they are trying to feed their children'." Unhappily for the kiddies, a judge is now allowing the rally to go ahead. Waaaaa! [OnNYTurf]