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Storefronting: Subway Creeps Closer to NYU

Storefronting is Curbed's irregular report on the changing retail scene and how it impacts the character of New York's neighborhoods. Stores opening, closing, or otherwise acting out in your neighborhood? Drop a line to the Storefronting team at

1) Midtown: More on the (likely) closing of Coliseum Books: turns out a shuttering isn't a given, though with a $74,000/month rent, the bake sale is going to have to go really well. [The Real Estate]

2) Windsor Terrace: Speaking of bookstores, a Curbed reader emails, "Hi, I live in Windsor Terrace. Rumor has it that a bookstore is opening on PPW between Bartel Pritchard and Greenwood Cemetary. We've just seen a Moroccan café (called Fez) and a chi chi condo realtor office open on the same block. Now a bookstore? Can you confirm? And/or give any further info on what can only be a great addition to an already growing (and in my opinion, about to explode) strip of Windsor Terrace?"

3) Flatiron: And speaking of high rents, Tim Love, the chef behind new Texicana eatery Lonesome Dove, signed a 10-year, $10.2 million lease on a space that's rather narrow, on a rather untrafficked block (not counting the crowds swarming Duvet). Says real estate broker Alexander Picken, "Based on what I saw, that figure is outrageous — at least three to four times what he should be paying." [Grub Street]

4) Central Village: Emails a tipster, "The Subway sandwich shop on Bleeker near LaGuardia is moving closer to the NYU campus into a space on LaGuardia. Photos will be posted to the flickr pool today." And there we are (left). [Eater Photo Pool]

5) WORLDWIDE: Starbucks raised coffee prices by 5 cents yesterday. Is there no God? [NPR Marketplace]