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On the Market: Mystery Park Slope Building

Every nabe in New York has some buildings that leave you wondering WTF, as they sit and fester despite being worth mega-millions. Park Slope has more eccentric property owners per capita than many other NYC nabes, and has a few buildings boarded up for so long they are like urban legends. One of them, at the corner of Second Street and Seventh Avenue is on the market, according an update in the Daily Slope:

If you're looking for an easy way to dispose of that $5.75 million lotto winning, perhaps you'd be interested in 501 2nd Street? You know the building: across the street from PS321 and the Second Street Cafe, it's a handyman's special with a prime Seventh Ave ground floor retail space that's been vacant for years. Just don't fire up those grand plans... the building (sans the top-floor duplex apartment) is already "100% triple net leased to one tenant."It's actually been on the market for a while, but who's the mystery tenant?
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