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Less Gowanus Tire Shops, More G-Slope Condos

More development action to report on Fourth Avenue in (a). Gowanus, (b). Park Slope or (c). G-Slope. There are at least a dozen cleared lots or construction sites in the land of tire and auto body shops, with the boom currently centered between Second and Seventh Streets along Fourth Avenue. The building on top, for instance, is a 12-story condo at Fourth Avenue and Seventh Street. It replaces an auto body shop. The building on the bottom is at 255 First St., right off Fourth Avenue, and rises to different heights because one side is on property upzoned for highrises and the rest isn't. Says a neighbor about the building on top:

Any thoughts on what these giant condos will do to the value of all the coops in the remaining 4-story brick buildings on the block? I mean, I'll happy to no longer have guys changing their oil and blasting their radios in front of my apartment, but this new building is so, well, ugly.These newbies join the Leveiv-Boymelgreen highrises going up on Fourth Avenue between Second Street and Fifth Street, a hotel that is under construction and a condo called The Florentine, that's on Seventh Street between Third and Fourth Avenues. There are at least a half-dozen other sites where highrises are going up with more coming.
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