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The Rushmore Opens Big

Lights! Camera! Floor Porn! Details for Extell's new development the Rushmore has been released via Corcoran. Sizes range from one bedroom to five bedrooms and prices go from about $1 million to over $7 million for a 5 bedroom. But when you buy Rushmore, you buy a piece of the Hollywood lifestyle. The site boasts "Unrivaled amenities make life at The Rushmore the pinnacle of urban elegance. The resort-like lifestyle includes Abigail Michaels Concierge service, a spectacular La Palestra Wellness Center with indoor swimming pool, and an exclusive collaboration with Kidville, NY." You can still pick up this this 1 bedroom for under a mil, but we would take the 5 bedroom pictured above because they kept a separate entrance for our Curbed Servants.

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