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Cinder-Block Monstrosity Rises on West 123rd

Does something about this photo look not quite right? Yep, it's oversaturated. Sorry about that; our camera is on the fritz. Oh, and this, per a Curbed tipster: "Thought I'd alert you to something unfortunate. Some developer just tore down a 100+ year old brownstone on West 123rd Street, between Morningside and Manhattan Aves, and is building a cinder block monstrosity probably two floors higher than the brownstones around it. I would have thought this was illegal. A few months earlier, a similar structure went up in a long-empty lot a few doors down. I live on the block and am appalled."

Yikers. We have the feeling this won't be the last we write about this situation. Developing, etc...

HARLEM BONUS: Kudos to the two Curbed commenters quoted in Alex Kuczynski Styles Section story in the NYT today about new Harlem boutique N. Alas, given the voluminous comments on most Harlem posts, we can't find the post from which she extracted the comments. Anyone remember? UPDATE: Ah, here we are. Quotable NYT credit to Bing and Andy.
· Standing at a Crossroads in Harlem [NYTimes]