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Ask Curbed: My Building is Smokin', What Can I Do?

We'll let the reader who sent this explain:

I live in a large high rise building on the Upper West Side. My question is as follows. 2 weeks ago new tennatnts moved in to the apartment next to mine and it is obvious one of them is a Cigar Smoker. I say it is obvious because the halls now stink with the smell. The issue I have is that the smoke and smell actually make it in to my Apartment, somehow it seeps through the vents in to the bathroom and in to the bedroom. It was so bad last night that my wife and I had to sleep on the sofa in the living room. Obviously, not what you want for $5k/month. I have lived there for two years now and never had a problem before, in fact until 2 weeks ago I was under the impression that it was a no smoking building. I have contacted the building management and they say it is a smoking building. Is there anything I can do?

Options, Curbed readers, other than learning to love cigars?
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