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Thoughtless and Disgusting (All at Once) Neighbors

The same Manhattan blogger that brought us tales of crap and other gross stuff getting tossed out windows now conveys another little tale of urban oddness to drive neat freaks off the deep end. It's the weekly used "off-brand cotton swab" drop in the hallway:

As upsetting as it is to know that people living in your building are chucking bags of human feces, used condoms and live mice out the window, there's actually something that upsets me even more. For the past eight years someone here has made a weekly habit of dropping off-brand cotton swabs in the hallway and on the stairs of my building, usually coated with ear wax on both ends. (Am I to believe that the culprit has somehow never once noticed doing this?) Must people be so fucking thoughtless and disgusting all at once?And can't they use name brand Q-Tips?
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