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Development Du Jour: Glass Comes to LIC

All we know about this Queens Plaza-straddling project is that it just popped up on the Developers Group website, and there's only one inaccurate passing reference to it on the QueensWest message board, so you know it has to be fresh. Oh, and we also know that the brokerspeak kind of gets us hot:

Graceful, fluid, powerful, View 59 is at once stately and welcoming. Glide through your lobby with its soaring ceiling and impressive surfaces, the sound of a waterfall wall, a statement in elegance and quality. Exotic wood, stone, and steel interact in visual harmony. You are in the portal to your personal, exceptional, luxurious haven. If a waterfall wall trickles in a lobby, but there are no MetLife employees around to hear it, does it really make a sound?
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