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You Down with OPP? Then Mark Your Calendar

As Richard Meier's Brooklyn baby On Prospect Park starts getting its glass on, it's only natural for us to look ahead: opening time! We've finally received word on when you'll be able to head to Tribeca to buy your condo in Park Slope. A tipster writes:

Not sure if anyone had sent you information regarding the opening of "On Prospect Park", but I got a call from a sales agent last week about their grand opening. Sales office will not be on-site, but rather will be located in 78 Leonard Street in Tribeca. Opening is on Oct 26. You'd think a pretentious luxury project like this the ceiling height would be at the minimum 10'. WRONG!! the agent told me that the ceiling height is a disappointing 8.9'. (Any Curbers confirming this?) However, the agent did her best of diverting my attention to name the high end appliances they are putting in the kitchen. Sub-zero fridge, Sub-zero wine cooler, and Gaggenau stove and oven. Mr. Meier will do the interior as well, "just like 165 Charles", as the agent proudly proclaimed.

So deliciously soon! And by the by, can you really be pissed off at the ceiling height? After all, this ain't luxury, baby!
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