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When Developers Struck Oil in Greenpoint

No, this isn't about the Greenpoint oil spill, per se. The photo above was sent to us by a tipster along with the following explanation:

Over three years ago I shot the attached photo of 474 Leonard Street and then reported the oil I saw oozing from the construction pit to the Department of Environmental Conservation. They did not seem particularly concerned and simply said, "Oil, what do you expect, that's Greenpoint." later It became known as "DEC spill # 0401691". A year later I inquired about the spill and was told by DEC that the site had been "cleaned up". They 'proved' it by showing me the invoices from the trucking company that removed the contaminated soil. I found that unbelievable because when I took the photo the soil had already been removed. A luxury condo, The Mccarren, now stands on that spot across from McCarren Park and Karl Fischer Row their initial advertisement boasted of "recreational basements."Is this a time to crack a joke about how cool it is that the rec rooms come with lubricant or rename the building the Jiffy Lube Tower or wonder how much a barrel of oozing oil is worth? No, it is not. It's time to note that, at least, it's not chromium, like they have under some luxe developments in Jersey.
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