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Hey, High Line! (And Other OHNY Sites)

Been awhile since we checked in with the progress on The High Line and its transformation from abandoned train trestle into a psychedelic public park. Above, a view of recent construction by an abandoned meatpacking plant at 820 Washington Street (at Gansevoort in MePa), to the left of the High Line in this picture.

Coincidentally—okay, not really—the meatpacking plant is the vantage point from which you can view the High Line this weekend as part of the annual Open House New York gala. Though we break Curbed's strict no-events listings policy only rarely, this is one of those times: OHNY is just an amazing event, opening 200 historic, architectural, and otherwise off-limits sites for exploration. Drop your pictures in the Curbed Photo Pool and we'll do up some of the best here on Monday.
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