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Eater Tastings: Gatekeepers, Menugate

Behold, this week's goodness from Curbed/SLNY restaurant blog Eater...

1) E.U. update: "October 27th is the date."
2) The new Eater series, The Gatekeepers, introduces the people standing between you and an 8:00 table on Saturday night. First up, Mary's Fish Camp's Iris Espinosa, who will not abide "the f-bomb."
3) Menugate continues with a look at the online menus claiming to give advance warning of the fare at Lure Fishbar II. Note to Menupix: Ain't no Lure Skewers no more.
4) Emergency Shutter Report: Has Tab Tos, a once-addictive East Village sushi joint gone south? Or it is still swimming in lump crabmeat?

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