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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Daniel Peckham, Instant NYC Real Estate Legend (69 comments)
"The 'free' market isn't free. It's the result of the way society has chosen to define property, a game with pieces *we* create and hand out, and if society chooses to define it a little differently in one place than in another, that's no more interference with some natural order than the modern freehold itself is."
2) Broker Du Jour: Nest Seekers' Lindsay Wilson (56 comments)
"Lindsay Wilson single handedly made DUMBO the neighborhood it is, while arm wrestling a bear, i know for a fact."
3) PriceChopper: 299 West 12th Street, Already (38 comments)
"i see nothing wrong with fishing for the bigger fool. it's worked the last couple of years, perhaps there's still one last one out there..."
4) My Building Is Smokin', What Can I Do? (36 comments)
"You should consider taking up cigar smoking. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! You'll grow to love the rich full-bodied taste of a cigar in no time. Enjoy!"
5) East Village Motomania: To Vroom or Not to Vroom (35 comments)
"the ridiculously loud motorcycle is a problem all over the east village and the lower east side. was a primary reason for my leaving the LES after 3 years for a quieter area in brooklyn."