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PriceChopper: Open House Hangover's Hangover

Was asking: $1.895 million
Now asking: $1.795 million
You save: $100,000!

OK, so it's not the most dramatic drop we've featured in this space, but this loft at 93 Crosby Street is part of an interesting overall story. The subject of our Open House Hangover back in August, 93 Crosby had a lot of buyer's intrigue (check the comments) back when it changed hands, with several people making a play for the building and even a why-the-hell-not John Fluevog reference. Soon after, this particular 1,400-square-foot loft was pulled off the market, but now it's back. Will the $100,000 reduction help it move? Says our original Hangover tipster: "This is like a Dutch Auction with the prices ticking down until someone bites. My predicted clearing price: $1.45 MM." TBD.
· Listing: 93 Crosby St. - Apt. 4 [Corcoran]
· Open House Hangover: 93 Crosby Street [Curbed]