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Storefronting: Death to American Apparel!

1) SoFi: It took long enough, but The Shophound has finally turned on American Apparel. The reason? Well, besides the unchecked growth, it's the recent displacing of beloved Army-Navy store Weiss & Mahoney on Fifth Avenue and 19th Street. Sez the 'Hound: "Is it just us, or has American Apparel turned the corner from brash indie upstart to ubiquitous corporate behemoth like the Gap, bulldozing its way onto every corner?" Will "Coming Soon American Apparel" be the four little words nobody wants to hear? Long live Uniqlo! [The Shophound]

2) Lower East Side: "Gertel's on Hester Street -- the last kosher bakery in the 'hood has sold and will be closing. They're giving up on retail and will stick to their wholesale business in Brooklyn. Chinese buyer plans to build an 8-story condo on the site." [Storefronting inbox]

3) Chinatown: After three community meetings, neighborhood merchants continue to urge the reopening of Park Row, closed since 9/11. But reading the tea leaves, it's not looking like that's gonna happen. [NY1]