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HoodWatch: N. Tribeca Ladder #1

[In honor of North Tribeca week, we're bringing back our listings ladder to find out exactly how much bang for your buck this nabe is delivering. Today, we're skipping a couple of rungs to begin with a listing just south of $2 million. (Little help, please! Send six-figure listings?or any listings, for that matter?in and around this nabe to]

What/Where: Washington St. loft (Vestry & Desbrosses)
Asking: $1.995 million
The Skinny: Currently configured as a 1-bedroom, but there are 1800 sqft in here, so presumably, you could do some slicing and dicing. South and west views, including a large swath of the Hudson. High ceilings and a "massive master bathroom of glass and stone." Sounds dangerous. Open house Tuesday, 5:30-7 p.m.
· Listing: 427 Washington Street [Elliman]