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DownMarket: Renters Get Free TVs!

It's time for our regular Monday dose of housing market angst, today brought to us by broker/blogger Property Grunt, who reports live from the East 50s:

I walked by that development yesterday which is east of 1st ave on 59th street where in front of the building there were mountains of TVs, dvd players and stereoes. I assumed that these were incentives that were given to the new owners. But after inquiring why the sidewalk had become a dumping round for all things Sony, I learned that these appliances were to be installed in the apartments for they were now rentals.Though the Grunt isn't excited about the high-tech makeover—"Perhaps the owners intend to create an air of modern sophistication. I think it is a complete waste of time and money"—we find the move to be visionary. In an overheated rental market, why not throw money away on audio-video equipment for freaking renters? By the by, anyone want to let us in on the address of this place?
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