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Storefronting: Time for a Name Change?

1) Fort Greene: "The owner of this grocery on Myrtle next to Five Spot must be one sour owner tonight." You see what happens when you don't let Johnny Damon grow a playoff beard? Detroit cops get champagne dumped on their heads, that's what! [Set Speed]

2) Williamsburg: More, now, on the Apocalypse?er, the Williamsburg movie theater. Don't worry, it's gonna be indie: "Your 'tipsters' are good. Bolshy Gulliver Inc., the owners of 136 Metropolitan, are doing their bit to clean up Williamsburg, one lot at a time, while at the same time bringing a very independent 3 screen cinema venue to Brooklyn. 35mm FILM while it lasts ... and high definition video projection as it arrives." We'll assume there will be vegan buttered popcorn. [Storefronting inbox]

3) Harlem: Lenox Avenue just keeps buzzing right along. A tipster reports: "New shops continue to open on Lenox between 125th and 130th. Attached photo shows juice stand and restaurant that opened last week." It's a good thing we like jive with out juice. [Storefronting inbox]

4) Soho: To learn about the plight of the New York City street vendor, you can go see Man Push Cart, or you can watch this YouTube video for free. We bet this one has more instances of the word "motherfucker," and we want to start the drive to get Ditzy Dog Lady nominated for an Oscar. [YouTube]