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It Happened One Weekend: Bronx Legend Makes A Comeback

1) The Denison White Mansion of the Bronx is set for a rebirth. The long-abandoned property will be rehabbed and renovated to restore the mansion to its former glory and be surrounded by an affordable housing development specifically for grandfamilies, or when a grandparent is forced to take on the parenting responsibilities. [Postings/David Scharfenberg]

2) You know it's a different world when a diamond executive sets his budget at $900,000 for a new 1 bedroom with a view and can't find anything that tickles his fancy. There was always something off, like upcoming construction nearby, poor sightlines or buildings with lobby's in better condition than the apartment. Our buyer finally settled on an 850 SF 1 bedroom at the Capri Towers for $1.15 million. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]

3) The BellTel Lofts gets set to make its big debut. The 27 story former New York Telephone Company building has been converted into 219 units that range in price from $500,000 to $2 million. The sales bonanza begins later this week, with developers pushing the tranquility of Downtown Brooklyn. How's that? The BellTel's proximity to MetroTech and its closed streets removes the buyer from the hustle and bustle of Downtown's bustling commerical corridor. The developer sums it up: “While you’re sitting here in the middle of Downtown Brooklyn, you don’t have all the noise you would normally have in Downtown Brooklyn.” Exactly. Posting/Jeff Vandam]

4) The Keller Hotel on the Corner of West and Barrow may be ready for a rebirth. The former Sailor's Inn and SRO hotel has been dormant for many years, but there have been some sign of renovation recently. The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation was not able to include the Keller in its recent expansion of the WV Historic area, meaning that it may be the home of a future high rise development. Sailors really have no place left to go in New York. [Ben Gibbard/Street Level/West Village]

[Photo Courtesy of New York Times]