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The Smell of 'Developer Desperation' in the Morning

It's always fun when one of our pet obsessions—in this case, the bizarro "luxuries" offered to buyers (and, one now presumes, renters) at new development 255 Hudson in Tribeca—makes the jump to the mainstream. Take it away, Washington Post:

The alliance of 255 Hudson and the car club, for instance, was celebrated at a cocktail party in the club's showroom/garage months ago, with a couple of women hired to mingle and grin wearing little more than pasties and body paint meant to evoke racing stripes. The words "Condo included. Girl Not Included" were painted on their backs. If this is the smell of developer desperation, New York is about to inhale a lot of it.

For full schadenfreude, click through for 20 Pine and Miraval Living abuse. Oh, and this wonderful quote from Michael Shvo: "[The buyer] doesn't have to eat what you put on his plate. Product that has an advantage is product you can't buy from your next-door neighbor."
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