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Curbed PriceChopper: Used Toy for Sale

Asking: $799,000
Asked: $880,000
What/The/Fuck: In our last Toy Factory Lofts wire report, a commentor linked to this 8th Floor flip back when it was listed at $880,000. His/her comment then: "I took a look at this at the end of the building's preconstruction phase (last spring), and recall it being somewhere between $700K-$800K. (It was one of the last units to sell due to a buyer backing out, so it went back on the market close to the bubblicious peak.) I'm still relying on my memory here, but I believe I saw this same unit for sale late last summer for around $995K (hah). Assuming they paid the list price, at $880K the sellers will basically make no profit at all after you figure in both sets of closing fees." Well, how 'bout now?
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