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History Repeats Itself in Plan for UWS Tower

For a building whose only occupants are people stuck on field trips, the New-York Historical Society sure has some cojones. The Times reports that not only are the nerds seeking an additional $10 million for a renovation of their landmark four-story building at 170 Central Park West (which would add an extra floor), but they're also on the hunt for a developer who will finance and build them a five-story annex on an adjacent lot on West 76th Street, and a 23-story glass apartment tower behind the museum and library. The last time they tried to pull this stunt was in 1984, when another 23-story apartment plan designed by Hugh Hardy was shot down by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. This time they're looking to whore out to any "star architect." Expect a nice battle with the community over this one. Neighbor Bill Moyers already fired off a nice jab in the Times piece.
· New Historical Society Project Would Stir Up Skyline, and Residents [NYT]

[N-YHS photo via Flickr user wallyg]