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Curbed PriceSpotter Big Reveal: Cooper Square Chic

Yesterday, we presented the first piece of our new listings game, PriceSpotter, in which we give you everything but the price and asked you to add it all up. Today, we reveal the answer.

Asking: $4.65 million
The cat was out of the bad in the comments yesterday (we did say you could cheat, but we expected you to be subtle about it!). Nonetheless, some hardy discussion about the merits of this 3BR, 3BA condo (see, e.g., "beyond gorgeous" and "lost it's loft feeling") on Cooper Square between 6th St. & 3rd Ave. Best guess before the spoiler? "Verm," who came it in at $4.9 million.
· Listing: 62 Cooper Square [Elliman]
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