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CurbedWire: Inside 11 West 10th

1) West Village: A tipster points us to the missing interior photos of 11 West 10th Street, the double-wide West Village townhouse that is reportedly in contract for a record price. More at 1100 Architect. [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Miscellany: There is something about dog shit that riles people up. A reader emails with this counterpoint: "so many people complain about dog poop on the streets. First of all I have seen plenty of bums shitting on the streets. Secondly if ONE bad dog owner doesn't clean up their dog shit it's 21 shits a week. That's a lot, which is blamed on ALL dog owners which isn't fair. Thirdly, how many MILLIONS of cigarette buds are thrown on the street every day????? This adds up to much more than dog shit. And cigarette buds aren't biodegradeable (sp?). Disguisting that we blame dog owners but are willing to throw so much trash on the ground every fucking day. Pathetic smokers! That's what I say." [CurbedWire Inbox]