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Storefronting: OMG UNIQLO OPENS!

Storefronting reports on the changing NYC retail scene with an eye towards how the comings and goings affect neighborhoods. Seen something new in your neck of the woods? Drop a line to

1) Soho: After pre-opening hype surpassed perhaps only by Borat, Japanese import UNIQLO finally opened its three-story global flagship store at 546 Broadway last night (above). The Shophound reports: "About 300 people filled the new store on an unseasonably warm evening to be treated to walking hors d'oeuvres served by handsome waiters, drinks aplenty, a sushi bar from Morimoto on the mezzanine and a DJ set by, we're sure you could have guessed it, The MisShapes (who else?) backed by a sparkling L.E.D. curtain. The crowd was a mix of fashion press, downtown/Williamsburg hipsters and a healthy representation of Japanese executives." Sweet motherloving Jesus. WE STILL HATE THAT WE LOVE YOU. [The Shophound]

2) West Village: Speaking of hipster apparel, yesterday was also the opening of a new Brooklyn Industries store at Hudson and Christopher bedecked in "a late 1970s Fire Island vibe." It's the company's eighth NYC store, and the last—for at least the next three minutes. [The Real Estate]

3) Upper West Side: The Sun adds some details to the Storefronting report from last month concerning the imminent shuttering of legendary nabe video store Movie Place. Says owner Gary Dennis, "We're going to become a punchline. People will say ‘You can't throw a rock without hitting a Duane Reade up there.'" [NYSun]

4) Park Slope: We can't entirely discern what it is that the new store Honey Bee and Me at Fifth and 5th sells, but we do know this: keep your children away. [OTBKB]

5) Cobble Hill: Ask Storefronting! "a) Corner of Atlantic and Court: has the corner retail space in the Two Trees building been rented? Any information on which lucky tenant may be taking it? The signs in the windows are down and construction workers seem to be busy inside. b) Court and Schemerhorn – Chase is taking the corner space here, after taking the small space on Court between Schemerhorn and Livingston? What gives with Chase bank having two retail locations literally across the street from each other?" [Storefronting Inbox]