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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Meanwhile, in Dumbo: Ain't No Bubble Burst (43 comments)
"I checked out a few buildings in dumbo this past weekend and unfortunately for me they certainly did not offer any added incentives to buy. I liked J condo the most, but all I got was a damn piece of chocolate and a handshake..."
2) Sell a Condo, Get a Free Beamer (38 comments)
"i was down at this site two weeks ago and saw the properties, which by the way are very well done, and did not see any frogs in gutters, nasty fish mongers, half cows being delivered raw, or chinese gangs."
3) Harlem's Townhouse Funhouse (35 comments)
"This thing isn't an eyesore. Its color scheme blends pretty well into the block and it's modern design is interesting without being offensive. Thumbs up."
4) Wall Streets Promise to Buy All Units on Market (24 comments)
"We had the best bonus year in the history of wall street last year, and following, one of the toughest sales years. There is absolutely no correlation."