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11 Spring Street Update: Party, Then Nudity

Enjoy the famed street-art facade on Nolita ice house 11 Spring Street while you can, because, as it turns out, the new owners are indeed going to strip it bare. However, before that dark day, they're going out with a bang. Gothamist reports:

Last night, we had a chance to catch up with Wooster Collective, the preeminent streetart website, and asked them what was going on. They told us that the new owners have asked them to curate the decoration of the building-- both inside and out-- through the end of the year, with a huge party on December 16th to celebrate the building, the art, and the end of the project.Also, via The Villager, a bit more intel on the new owners' condoization plans: three of the new units will be triplex apartments, and the fourth a floor-through. New construction will add a floor covering about 30 percent of the roof.
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