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250 Bowery's Haunting Post-Industrial Vibe

The transformation of the Bowery continues with this here architectural undertaking called 250 Bowery, shown in the rendering at top in juxtaposition to the boxy New Museum rising across the street. According to City Realty, 250 Bowery is set to become an eight-story, 63-room hotel/condo with a possible dash of style, thanks to its corten-clad exterior: "The thin perforated bands of the façade conjure some Japanese designs and the as-of-right building promises to be a stunning counterpart to the New Museum."

A "stunning counterpart"? Hrm. Let's see how closely this puppy, designed by FLAnk Architects, ends up resembling the renderings before we hop on the giddy train. But it's a reasonable start. Ahead: another rendering, natch.

· 250 Bowery [FLAnk Architects, deeply annoying Flash site]
· Corten-clad hotel/condo to rise at 250 Bowery [CityRealty]