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Ballsy Flip Attempts at the Orion

You may think the market is correcting itself, but for a couple of Elliman guys named Dylan and Bri, the Far West Side is still looking like San Fran 'round 1849. A tipster sent in the above spreadsheet (!), with this to say about two available listings in Extell's still-fresh Orion development (right) at 350 West 42nd Street:

Thought you might be interested in seeing how a few are attempting to flip their units at the Orion Condo on West 42nd and make a hefty profit when many listed units have been marked down. These sold for approx $1,000/sf. Asking now $1,500/sf. Same listing agent for both units.The "marked down" information comes from StreetEasy, which gives the arrow treatment (the bad kind) to many of the current listings. Hey, what's a little 50% profit between friends, anyway?
· Listing: 350 West 42nd Street two-bedroom [Elliman]
· Listing: 350 West 42nd Street one-bedroom [Elliman]
· Orion Condominium at 350 West 42 Street [StreetEasy]