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It Happened One Weekend: The Kalahari Shows Harlem's Roots

1) Rising (slowly) from the ground on 116th Street is our old friend The Kalahari, a 249-unit condo complex that's attempting to capture Harlem's past as it barrels into the future. The building "will be covered in decorations inspired by South African Ndebele tribal designs. Adinkra symbols" and other African designs and markings will adorn the walls. It will also have an independent film center, education center and a gym. Despite being a part of the second Harlem Renaissance, some residents feel left out: “People in our category, we can’t afford that.” [C.J. Scharfenberg/Posting]

2) Storage space for $2,000/sqft? Apparently so. It seems basements that were once left empty due to their proximity to boilers and other equipment are now the cause of bidding wars and waiting lists. New buildings that don't create the additional lockers may cost themselves potential buyers. In-building spaces are usually more expensive than mini-lockers, but for many, the convenience and status of owning your own storage locker is too sweet a deal to pass up. [Vivian S. Toy/ The $38,500 Closet]

3) At 233 Garfield Place, smack in the middle of the Historic District, sits a pink anomaly. But this brownstone is not brown at all. The Pinko house, which existed before the district was created, recently got a fresh coat of Bubblegum Pink, allowing curious passers-by to stare and wonder about the Pink Palace for years to come. [Jake Mooney/Park Slope Neighborhood Report]

4) Two previously landmarked buildings in the city and suburban First Avenue Estates may get a second act before falling to the developers wrecking ball. These two buildings lost their landmark designation after some shady Board of Estimates back-room dealings in 1990, but the Landmark Commission may reverse that decision to preserve the 14-building complex. The designation would be for historic purposes, but there is an architectural quality as well. A resident explains, “Whoever designed this building designed it knowing how to capture light.” [Jake Mooney/Street Level]

5) Starbucks doubles its pleasure in Macy's, opening its second store inside the world's biggest department store. Its the first time the 'Bucks has opened two stores under one roof, and this store is thrice as large as the first. Genius. [Starbucks Go Venti At Macy's/NYPost]