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Development Update-o-Rama: High Line 519

Today's plethora of Chelsea coverage reminds us that we asked for reader reports about the seemingly stalled-out High Line development, Highline 519, last week. We first reported on the place in summer 2005, when the construction site was already looking robust; as of today, the place is still not glassed in. What gives? Commenters compared notes and agreed to disagree, as did two email correspondents:

1) "While I don't have any info on the building, I totally disagree with the assessment that it hasn't been touched in months. I live across the street and constantly see people doing things here and there and stuff being brought in. My guess is they're working on all the infrastructure stuff now. It's definitely slow going, but it's going."

2) "For Highline: my sources tell me (this is deep, deep cover as they say) the owner has been going through contractors faster than republicans shed house seats; he's got the money. Also first building he's built. Please don't post my email address or name - call me wombat or something. Thanks!"

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Tomorrow: The equally long-awaited update on the Court Street Lofts. Got questions on other new developments around town? This could become a regular feature if you kick your queries to