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CurbedWire: Superior Ink Demo Begins?

CurbedWire, our end-of-day reader gossip, innuendo, and observational report, needs you. Drop us a line with the scoop from your neighborhood and feel even better about yourself, guaranteed.

1) West Village: A tipster emails, "This super-zoom image (I'm three blocks away) of the Superior Ink Building on the West Side Highway seems to suggest that something is happening over there. Presumably not the 'sculpture for living' redux that got canned over the summer, right? but what???? Admittedly, a very slow way to demo this thing, brick by brick." Longtime readers will recall that the Superior Ink was left out of the West Village downzone, clearing the way for developers to raze it. Anyone know what the final plans for the site are? [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) East Village: Students are bringing out the big guns to protest the Cooper Union Pleasure Palace—or, in this case, the workspace needed to bring it to fruition. A tipster kicks us the scoop: "Students rallying against the loss of studios and classroom space are flyering for a protest and full school walkout in response to Sciame construction drywalling the double-glazed 100'+ corridor on 4th ave. of the Foundation Building for their field office, effectively taking over half the lobby. They will use it for their field office as they do the Mayne monstrosity across Cooper Square." [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) Bryant Park: A reader follows up yesterday's CurbedWire BoA update: "I saw the measly camera phone shot of the Bank of America tower yesterday, and it gave me some inspiration to take a picture or two myself. These shots (below) were taken from the 22nd floor of my building, and while I can only count 20 stories on the BOA tower, it appears to be much higher. I guess the floors are double or triple height. Your tipster also mentioned they had built 50% of the height out, but per my highly scientific research, I can tell you that it's going to be 54 stories tall, not 40." [CurbedWire Inbox]