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Storefronting: CBGB is Back! Sorta

1) East Village: Still shedding a tear over the shuttering of CBGB on New York City's Bowery? Then buy a fucking T-shirt. The CBGB store, having eschewed 666 Bond, will open on St. Marks in that nice new building with the SuperCuts and Chipotle. Polis' Lisa Chamberlain is pretty pissed about it, as if CBGB had any dignity left by the time it was finito. [Polis]

2) East Village: The old Hollywood Video (R.I.P.) space on Third Avenue is getting a new tenant, and in the great Bank or Pharmarcy Sweepstakes, this time pharmacy gets the nod. Which one? "You can see the red on the shelves, but the big ones all have red in their color schemes." [Storefronting inbox]

3) Cobble Hill: Speaking of video carnage, the Blockbuster Age continues its long day's journey into night with the imminent shuttering of the 'Buster at 288 Court Street: "One sign says they're moving to a new location, but the locations listed on that sign are already existing outposts around Brooklyn." [Brooklyn Record]

4) NoBatt: The legendary Brian Van writes in to provide a pizza update on his hood: "The owners of George's Diner on Greenwich and Rector are opening a new pizza joint on Greenwich Street a half-block north, across from the Pussycat Lounge. It replaces a pizza joint that was M-F 10-5 only; George's son Billy Koulmentas assures that the new joint will be open until 10 or 11 pm nightly. George's Diner itself is not quite yet ready to go 24 hr and will continue to keep its own close-at-11p schedule; the neighborhood is a bit weaker since some of the local buildings have gone 1,200/sf condo and are now empty. But life is otherwise on the upswing down in NoBatt." And all is well with the world. [Storefronting inbox]