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Williamsburg Makes Way for New ... Rentals?

With everything going all Northside Piers or Edge or Mill Building in Williamsburg, where are our young scraggly friends to turn? Well, contrary to popular belief, not everything in the 'Burg is going condo. At least, not these two. TreeTop Development is renovating two rental buildings and keeping them that way, and the price tags ain't bad, either. Seen above is 326 South 1st Street, which is getting 30 two-bedroom homes with new kitchens, hardwood floors, yattayatta. Rents will start at $1,700 in the triangular building. Not pictured is 188 South 3rd Street, which will be made up of 41 two- and three-bedroom apartments in a six-story building. Rents on that one will begin at $1,700 for two-bedrooms, and $2,300 for three-bedrooms. The renovations have just begun, so don't pack up your amps and easels just yet.
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